Ventura County Junior Golf Association


It is vitally important that every VCJGA Member & Parent/Guardian review the following policies before participating in any tournaments...
Playing in the VCJGA is a privledge (not a right).  The VCJGA will require both the player and the parent/guardian to take on several responsibilities on to ensure the tournaments are fair, equitable and enjoyable for all.  Failure to adhere to the following policies may result immediate disqualification, and/or expulsion without warning.

Membership is open to all junior golfers from age 8 until the day they begin college.

If you reside in Ventura, Los Angeles, Kern, Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo County, you MUST* become a VCJGA member to play.  The non-member guest fee is reserved for those players that visit from outside these counties.

* = Player's outside of Ventura County will given one opportunity to play as a guest.  After that, they must join the VCJGA to compete in more events.

Membership fees are for the Season (September through August) and are non-refundable. 


A VCJGA Tour Member is expected to have the knowledge, ability and experience to play a competetive round of golf within the VCJGA Pace of Play guidelines, without assistance and according to the USGA rules and etiquette of the game and the VCJGA Code of Conduct & Character.  Working with your reputable golf coach for a reasonable length of time will help you to prepare to play tournament golf.

The VCJGA is not the place to play your first round of golf..

It is highly advisable that a minimum of ten (10) 18-hole rounds have been played on a regulation course prior to registering for tournament play.  It is important that golfers are self sufficient/reliant; able to navigate the course without assistance (hand carts are OK); have a basic knowledge of the rules of golf and etitquette.  Pace of play will be closely monitored at each event.  If you have questions, please contact our Director of Tour Operations at:

Boys and Girls should be able to score a minimum of one round in each tournament within 30-strokes of the course rating.  A member who is unable to meet these membership requirements may be suspended if Pace of Play becomes an issue. 


Tournaments are played to scratch, with no handicaps.  You should familiarize yourself with the VCJGA policies as play is always conducted in accordance with the United States Golf Association Rules of Golf, and the VCJGA Code of Conduct & Character.  Entry into a tournament is not guaranteed and some special events may have requirements that need to be met in order to participate.

If you have any questions about the USGA Rules of Golf, we encourage you to ask because ignorance of any rule will not change the penalty.



The VCJGA is a year round web-based organization. Membership registration and tournament business is handled on our web-site at  You can also access our site through our free moble app.

  • All players are required to sign the Code of Conduct & Character prior to playing in any event.
  • Before registering for tournaments, you may be required to attend a two-hour Golf 101 orientation class

You can sign up and pay for events, however; the junior golfer and the parent/guardian will need to sign and re

It is vitally important to check your personal e-mail regularly as this is how VCJGA communicates with you.

turn the Code of Conduct & Character covenant before being approved for play.



Playing in a VCJGA tournament is not guaranteed.  It is vitally important that each VCJGA member to register as early as possible to secure a spot in a given tournament.  Most tournaments may be entered 90-days in advance.  Many times, the maximum number of players for a particular event is met well in advance of the posted Registration Deadline. DON'T WAIT TO REGISTER JUST BEFORE THE DEADLINE - If you are planning on playing in a specific event, register early to be certain you are included in the field of competitors.



  1. Sign into the PLAYERS CLUB (Top Left of Home Page) using your ID & PWD.
  2. Select the tournament from the schedule that your division is offered to participate and click.  This will take you to the Tournament Information Page (TIP).
  3. On the bottom right side of the TIP, you will see an icon to click for registration.  System will walk you through, step by step.
  4. It will be parent/player responsibility to verify that your entry has processed by looking for your name on the TIP or checking e-mail verification of entry. If you do not receive an Entry Verification e-mail, it may not have processed.  If your Entry is Rejected, it must be taken care by the parent/player before the entry deadline.

The tournament Director will make every effort to help you if you first help yourself by planning in advance and entering early and verifying entry prior to the entry deadline.

Tee Times & Pairings
Tee times are typically posted on-line four 3-4 days in advance of the first round. 
Times viewed on the Tournament Information Page (TIP) prior to being e-mailed to competitors are preliminary.  They become OFFICIAL once they are e-mailed to the field (limited circumstances could be cause for a revision of starting times). 36-hole & 54-hole tournaments will require re-pairing for the final round, players will need to check the web site for times prior to the next round.


We can make special tee time consideration based on summer school obligations or for car pool purposes, however, you MUST communicate in advance of times being completed and e-mailed.

COMMUNICATION IN WRITING and in ADVANCE of pairings being completed and e-mailed.

Send Communication to:   -   If it is possible and if you contact in advance, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


Although the VCJGA is an entry level tour (no qualifying required), we have a great track record of preparing players to play at the state and national level.  The Tournament Committee decides the method used to pair players.

First round pairings are determined with a variety of catagories, including:

  1. Random draw
  2. Length of VCJGA Membership
  3. Number of tournaments played in a season
  4. Past champions
  5. Stroke Average
  6. Top-10 finishes
  7. Player of the Year points standing
  8. National Rankings
  9. Graduation year - Age - Maturity level
  10. Pace of Play track record
  11. General Attitude (things players need to learn to adapt to):
  • Playing with players that they don't know
  • Playing with players that are either more or less skilled
  • Playing with someone they may or may not enjoy playing with

Pairings may be made based upon different catagories for different tournaments.  For instance, the TaylorMade Tour Championship pairings are mostly based upon the Player of the Year Points list.

The final round of all tournaments is always based upon first round score, highest to lowest
The VCJGA Director of Tour Operations reserves the right to adjust and make changes that will promote the best overall Pace of Play for ALL competiors.




Player Responsibilities:

Each player must CHECK-IN ONE-HOUR prior to EACH round immediately upon arrival to the course.

REPORT to your starting hole 5-minutes prior to your scheduled start time to avoid penaly.

< Every player should have a routine to properly warm-up on the Practice Tee prior to playing:

Stretching, getting loose, striking balls, chipping and putting is critical to your warm-up; however, it is never a good idea to hit more than 30-40 balls prior to playing.  Over preparing (hitting too many balls) and using up all your energy on the range is just as bad as not being prepared to play.

Rule 6-1:

The player is responsible for knowing the Rules. During a stipulated round, for any breach of a Rule the player incurs the applicable penalty.


Golf is a game of honor. Players are expected to call penalties on themselves. Competitors in a tournament "protect the field" by monitoring each other in a group and, at the end, place an attesting signature on a scorecard. This peer review is the method by which players monitor play and attesting scores before they are posted.

The game's code of honor means that even a hint of cheating or dishonesty can tarnish an individua'ls reputation. Every player has experienced the uncomfortable moment of asking, or being asked, whether a ruling was administered properly or the right score was reported for a hole.

Playing a course for four-plus hours and walking over 100 plus acres can produce a number of situations and emotions that may require special attention when a group arrives at the scoring table.  The Official there will ask the group if there is anything that happened on course that may need to be questioned and reviewed.  This is the time and place to settle these questions or doubts.  In stroke play it is each players duty in a group to protect all the players that are not there to protect their rights - Protect the Field.

When you arrive to the scoring table, it is imperative that you follow the instructions of the Official and respectfully complete the due diligence necessary so that true and accurate scores are recorded, signed and attested.

Because most disqualifications actually happen at the scoring table, it is vital that each player takes this responsibility seriously and pays attention.  It does not matter if you had a good day or a bad day, others are counting on you to do the right thing.

Failure to follow this policy will be cause for disqualification from a tournament and disciplinary action, up to and including suspension.

Pace of Play Policy is posted at each event on the first tee:

Rule 6-7 states, in part: 

“The player shall play without undue delay and in accordance with the pace of play guidelines which may be laid down by the committee, and thereafter prescribes penalties for slow play”.

Each player in each group SHALL maintain proper pace as a GROUP – WORK TOGETHER

Players that have difficulty keeping pace within the VCJGA standards may be suspended from tournament play until such time that they improve their ability to keep up the pace.



The USGA Statement:

Golf is a challenging game in which success should depend on the judgment, skills and abilities of the player. This principle guides the USGA in determining whether the use of any item is in breach of Rule 14-3.

VCJGA TOUR POLICY:  Cell/Smart phones, gaming devices; and i-pod (and the like) are not permitted in VCJGA Tournament play. 
A cell phone may be used by competitors ONLY in case of an Emergency (911) or to contact a Rules Official by calling 805-207-4653. 
Use of one of the above listed devices during tournament play will be cause for disciplinary action, up to and including suspension.

5. Distance-Measuring Devices (Rule 14-3):

During a stipulated round, the use of any distance-measuring device is not permitted unless the Committee has introduced a Local Rule to that effect (see Note to Rule 14-3 and Appendix I; Part A; Section 7).

Even when the Local Rule is in effect, the device must not be used for any purposes that are prohibited by Rule 14-3, including but not limited to:

  • the gauging or measuring of slope;
  • the gauging or measuring of other conditions that might affect play (e.g., wind speed or direction);
  • recommendations that might assist the player in making a stroke or in his play (e.g., club selection, type of shot to be played, green reading or any other advice related matter); or
  • calculating the effective distance between two points based on elevation changes or other conditions affecting shot distance.
Tour & Age Divisions

See Tournament Information located under the Membership tab for complete information and descriptions.



  • Championship Boys
  • Championship Girls

These tournaments are geared for high school Boys & Girls ages 15+.  Events are usually 36-holes, but can also be 18 or 54 holes.

VCJGA JuniorTour:

  • Boys 11-14
  • Girls 11-14

These tournaments are geared for middle school Boys & Girls ages 11-14.  Events are usually 36-holes, but can also be 18 or 54 holes.

VCJGA MiniTour: 

  • Boys 8-11
  • Girls 8-11

9-Hole tournaments on Sunday afternoon.

Final two (2) tournaments of the season (July & August) are 18-Hole tournamaments on shorter courses.

Membership is required to play on the MiniTour.


















The Age Cutoff Date is April 30thIf your birthdate is before this date, you will be responsible (Player/Parents/Guardian) to change to the next age group prior to your registration in the next tournament after your birthday.  If your birthdate is after this date, you are eligible to complete the season in your current division.

Please contact the Tournament Director if you need help.

Playing-Up is when a player in a specific age division moves to the next age division.  This is a privilege that must be thought through carefully.  Example: A 14 year old boy wants to Play-Up from Boys 11-14 division to Championship Boys division.  The Process begins by requesting the Director of Tour Operations in advance and in writing ( to get board approval (This can take up to ten days). 


The following will be considered:

  1. Players track record in other tournaments (tours) shows they are capable of being successful at the next level (top-5 finishes and consistent scoring is required) and/or a strong national ranking.  A player that does not have the above credentials will be required to play in the current division such as Boys 11-14 to establish ability.
  2. Player displays proper golf etiquette better than average knowledge of the rules of the game; and of VCJGA Tour Policy
  3. Player shows maturity and is able to interact in a positive manner with other players; and has displayed a high degree of integrity & sportsmanship.
  4. Once a player has been approved to "play-up" they cannot go back to their original age group.
  5. A player that changes divisions will loose all points earned in that division; and start over in the new division.
NOTE: Golf, like anything else is a process.  Your first concern is to advance through the process by playing in as many tournaments as possible. This is the best way to know what facets of your game you need to improve.  Playing-Up should ONLY be done when a player has accomplished everything possible within a division.  Winning tournaments and year end awards should be a must.  Not everyone wins; and you have a limited window of opportunity to do so.  Take advantage of this opportunity and try not to rush the process.  Tiger Woods never Played-Up!  He learned to dominate each age group he played in by playing with his peers.

VCJGA Major Tournaments

The VCJGA conducts five majors each season

 TaylorMade Golf

TaylorMade SERIES:  Their are four VCJGA Stroke Play Championships each season (September to August):

  1. TaylorMade Championship (December)
  2. TaylorMade Player's Championship (May)
  3. TaylorMade Ventura County Championship (June)
  4. TaylorMade Tour Championship (August)

The courses are more challenging and the course setup is more difficult (course plays longer, greens are faster and hole positions will be more difficult (in corners/closer to edge of green).

The VCJGA reserves the right to maintain the strength of the field by giving players with top ranking and POY Points first priority to enter.

The VCJGA Match Play Championship Presented by TITLEIST is our oldest tournament having been played every year since 1967.  Match Play is the purest form of golf and should be played by everyone each year (same format as the US Amateur).

This Major begins with a stroke play qualifyer to determine the seeding of each 16-player bracket by division (Girls is usually have an 8-player bracket by division).

Match Play then commences for three days as the winner of a match advance to the next round/day until we have a champion in each division.

NOTE:  Other limitations may apply.  Please review the TIP.

The VCJGA hosts the folloiwng Member Only Events each season:

  • MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOUNDATION MASTERS' at Saticoy Country Club (if the club is available)
  • HOLLIDAY CHALLENGE at Sherwood Lake Club (Nicklaus Par-3 Course)


Plan your schedule in advance and register early to avoid being left out. All events MUST be paid on-line with a credit card to be accepted.  We will do what we can to get you into a tournament, but you need to help us by meeting the deadline.


Each event will have:

1) A registration/entry deadline (or maximum number of players);

2) A cancellation deadline (usually 7-10 days in advance of the tournament date) depending upon the contractual obligations with the host facility.

Once you have registered for a tournament, you have made a commitment to the other players in the field, the host course and the VCJGA (We also have affiliations with: AJGA, SCPGA and JGS that have to be met).

  • IT IS THE PLAYERS RESPONSIBILITY TO VERIFY THAT THEIR ENTRY HAS BEEN ACCEPTED/PROCESSED.  Check your e-mail and/or the "Players" on the TIP (Tournament Information Page) to verify that your entry has properly processed.

If your registration is rejected due to a credit card issue, you will have to correct before the event fills to gain entry. If an event fills, a Wait List will be available on a first come, first served basis once a division is full (VCJGA Members will have priority on the Wait List over Non-Members). Entry rejection may put your entry at the end of the list. 

  • If an event is cancelled due to course closure or inclement weather a refund will be issued within a week.  If necessary the VCJGA reserves the right to charge a minimal administrative fee to offset costs.


If you register for the Waiting List, you are making a committement to the VCJGA that if or when a spot opens up, you will be available to play:

  1. Players on the list are taken, first come, first served based upon the division that has an opening.
  2. Notice may be short!  You will be contacted when a spot opens and given no more than one-hour to confirm that you are available to take the spot.
  3. You will be charged once entry has been processed; starting time will be communicated immediately; and then you are officially in the tournament field.

Please review Cancellation/Refund Policy below.




  • This policy is due to contractual obligations that the VCJGA has made on behalf of the membership up to a year in advance of the scheduled event. 

  • Each golf course is in business to sell tee times; and they are limited in the number that they can sell.  The VCJGA plays during prime time to accomodate the normal size of our fields.

  • We sign a contact and make a deposit to hold our times at the golf course; then make final payment one week in prior to the play date in question for the number of players in our commitment.

  • The VCJGA forecasts how many start times we will need based upon prior year registration, how popular the course is, etc.  'Most courses will require that we are within 10% of our booking. In other words, we can't book for 100 players; then cut back to 80 players. 

  • We determine the number of players for each division based on our membership breakdown.  For instance, most years our membership has approximately 80% boys and 20% girls.  if we book a tournament for 80 players, approximately 64 spots will be available for boys divisions; and 16 for girls divisions.  Once we are about a week out, adjustments may be made if space is available.


The Cancellation deadline is eight (8) days in advance of the first round (i.e. 12 noon on Friday, November 1 to Cancel for a Saturday, Sunday, November 9 & 10 tournament).

  • If you cancel before the posted deadline, you are entitled to a refund of the entire entry fee, minus a $25 administration/e-commerce fee.

  • Be certain to e-mail the Director of Tour Operations before the deadline in order to receive the above refund.

  • If you cancel after the posted deadline, you are not entitled to a refund or transfer for any reason.  See Refund Policy above.

    • Cancellation before or after the cancellation deadline will not have any notation associated with it and will not be reported to any ranking clearinghouse.

Last Revision: January 2007


Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. Vince Lombardi
Read more at:


"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work; a civilization work."

- Vince Lombardi

Being that Withdrawing from a tournament can diminish the quality and integrity of a tournament, the AJGA and Junior Golf Scoreboard have instituted the following withdrawal policy for players who withdraw from an event after they have started their first round.

After play has begun, all players needing to withdraw must report to the Director of Tour Operations before leaving the course.

The Director will then scrutinize the withdrawal and may ask the player and fellow competiors questions about the illness or injury.  Based on the information gathered, the Director will categorize the player's withdrawal in one of three categories listed below and the corresponding action will take place:

JWD = Justified Withdrawal

The player is obviously ill, injured, or a family tragedy has occurred.  JWD will be noted and no further action will be taken.  A JWD happens when a player hits his first shot.

UWD = Unjustified Withdrawal

The player is obviously withdrawing due to poor play or lack of ambition to play.  This includes players leaving the golf course before turning in a scorecard (No Card) in which the event is conducted or failing to show up (No Show) for any subsequent rounds of an event, without talking to the Director of Tour Operations in person.
UWD will be noted.  This is a serious breach of the VCJGA Withdrawal Policy and the Director will withdraw the player from their next tournament.   If a second UWD offense occurs, the player's membership will be suspended and the player will not be eligible for year end awards.

DNS = Did Not Start

The player registered for the tournament, is an official competitor in the competition.  If the player does not report to Check-In or the First Tee (No Show); and has not communicated any information to the Tournament Director they may be suspended from future VCJGA tournaments.  Technically, a DNS should never happen as it tarnishes the tournament field.

Please remember to communicate your absence in advance of Check-in. 

NC = No Card

The player played a tournament round, however; did not return a scorecard to the Tournament Committee.  Playing and not returning a card may cause suspension from future VCJGA tournaments.


Dear Junior Golfers and Junior Golf Supporters:

The Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA-men) and the Women's Golf Coaches Association (WGCA-women) have recently been made aware of a growing concern in junior golf regarding tournament withdrawals. Obviously, as there is in any type of golf competition, withdrawal for legitimate illness, injury or personal emergency is understood. However, it has come to our attention that the practice of withdrawing from events in order to protect scoring average and/or national ranking is occurring.

One of the hallmarks of the game of golf is that it is a sport of honesty, integrity and discipline. In no other sport are the participants asked to enforce the rules of the game themselves and behave in a manner beyond reproach. College coaches throughout the country evaluate prospective student-athletes based not only on their success in the classroom and on the course, but also on their integrity. The ability to perform despite adversity is a characteristic that all coaches place a very high premium on during the evaluation and recruiting process. Especially noticeable are those players who “press on” during challenging times in competition and especially those who shoot better scores after a poor round. Equally noticeable to college coaches are those players who choose not to finish a competition. Final decisions on who coaches believe will best measure up to the challenges of college golf are made based on subtle differences. Through the cooperation and assistance of junior golf tournament organizers and the Junior Golf Scoreboard our members are able to see the results of all those who participate throughout the country and around the world. On behalf of all college coaches, please accept our best wishes as you continue to play the game!


Gregg Grost Executive Director – GCAA; and Roger Yaffe Executive Director - WGCA





Inclement weather in and of itself is not a reason to cancel a round or golf tournament.
Cold or rain are simply course conditions like heat and wind.
Several factors will be taken into consideration when deciding whether to suspend a round, postpone, shorten or cancel golf:

    Unsafe Course Conditions:

    • Fast flowing creeks, overflowing lakes, bridge(s) out, trees falling over, etc.
    • Golf traffic causes unnecessary damage to golf course

    Unsafe Weather Conditions:

    • Thunder storms (lightening)
    • Rain so heavy that it would be unfair to require players to continue
    • Winds moving a ball on the putting surface, trees/limbs falling

    Standing Water on Fairways, Greens & Bunkers:

    • Too much or large amounts of casual water, especially on greens and fairways

    Please understand that in many cases, the weather forecast shows a system that may end in a reasonable amount of time or holes to be played.If in doubt, players should plan to play.


Rule 6-8b governs when play is suspended by the Committee. It states:
When play is suspended by the Committee, if the players in a match or group are between the play of two holes, they shall not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If they are in the process of playing a hole, they may continue provided they do so without delay. If they choose to continue, they shall discontinue either before or immediately after completing the hole, and shall not thereafter resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play.
However, a Note under Rule 6-8b states:
The Committee may provide in the conditions of a competition (Rule 33-1) that, in potentially dangerous situations, play shall be discontinued immediately following a suspension of play by the Committee
  • If a player fails to discontinue play immediately, he shall be disqualified unless circumstances warrant waiving such a penalty as provided in Rule 33-7.
    This condition is in effect for all VCJGA Tournaments:
    • Discontinue Play Immediately: One prolonged note of horn/siren.
    • Discontinue Play: Three consecutive notes of horn/siren, repeated.
    • Resume Play: Two short notes of horn/siren, repeated.


If a tournament field does not complete a minimum of nine-holes during on the first day, those rounds may be cancelled.  Players will be offered to transfer the entry fee to another tournament within the current season or may request a refund less the $25 administration/e-commerce fee.

Communication:  If an event is delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather, the VCJGA will contact you.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE COURSE DIRECTLY UNLESS INSTRUCTED.

If weather causes the VCJGA to cancel a tournament, we will make every effort to reschedule.

The VCJGA reserves the right to cancel any tournament due to circumstances out of its control, act of God/Nature or national emergency deemed by any local, State or Federal Government Agency.



The competitor’s responsibilitie:

  • Each player will have an Official Scorecard provided to them. Players will exchange scorecards on the first tee.  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH COMPETITOR TO PROTECT THE FIELD - You are in fact responsible to all the other players that have an interest in the outcome of they play in your specific group, to make certain that all players in your group play by the USGA Rules.  It is your duty to contact a Rules Official if you have any question about any rule or any competitor.  Because SCORING is very important, it is required that each competior carefully follows the instructions of the Official in the Scoring Area upon completion of a round or face suspension from VCJGA Tournaments.
    ·        6-6a: After each hole the marker should check the score with the competitor and record it. On completion of the round the marker shall sign the card and hand it to the competitor.
    ·        6-6b: After completion of the round, the competitor should check his score for each hole and settle any doubtful points with the committee. He shall ensure that the marker has signed the card, countersign the card himself and return it to the Committee as soon as possible. Penalty for breach of Rule 6-6b: Disqualification.
    ·        6-6c: No alteration may be made on a card after the competitor has returned it to the committee.
    ·        6-6d: The competitor is responsible for the correctness of the score recorded for each hole on his card. If he returns a score for any hole lower than actually taken, he shall be disqualified. If he returns a score for any hole higher than actually taken, the score as returned shall stand.
    ·        Players should go directly to the scoring table after your 18th hole has been completed. Scorecards should be signed immediately upon completion of play, no communication with parents, family or friends until the scorecard is signed.
    ·        All scoring rulings or rule information must be requested of the tournament official(s) before the scorecard is attested.
    ·        Each player must perform his responsibility to protect the field by reporting any rule infraction. Players are reminded that under USGA Rule No. 1-3, no player may exclude the operation of a rule or waive any penalty incurred.
    USGA Rules and the Rules and Code of Conduct & Character of the VCJGA will govern play.
    CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  Any knowledge of cheating should be reported to the Tournament Director as soon as possible.  Knowing that someone is not adhearing to the rules of golf also makes you guilty of the same offence.
    If a player is found to be cheating, they will be Disqualified under USGA Rule 33-7 and Suspended from future play at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
    It is the explicit duty of each competitor to protect the field - which means you must report any known breach of the Rules of Golf to a Rules Official
    "The truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."  - Winston Churchill
    If a competing player quits the round without a good reason before play has officially ended, the player will be DISQUALIFIED from that event and will face suspension from future VCJGA events for which the player is entered or entitled to enter, at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT A PLAYER DOES NOT LEAVE THE FACILITY WITHOUT PROPER NOTIFICATION OF VCJGA STAFF.  If a Player leaves the event after completion and does not post their score, these same rules apply, and the Players will be subject to disciplinary action.
    If a player is Disqualified for any reason, they are not entitled to a refund or a credit for another event.  The VCJGA and each player in the field is bound by the USGA Rules of Golf and the VCJGA Code of Conduct & Character.

    Ranking & Affiliations

    NOTE:  JGS, SCPGA & AJGA policy must be met and adhered to with regard to Ranked Tournaments. All 36-Hole or more tournaments (except Match Play) are ranked by JGS

  • Tournaments with the following minimum number of competitors that start the first round may be offered American Junior Golf Association PBE STARS: 

    1. Championship Boys must have 48 player field size minimum, playing at a minimum of 6,600 yards.
    2. Championship Girls must have 18 players field size minimum, playing at a minimum of 5,600 yards.
    3. Boys 11-14 must have 20 players field size minimum, playing at a minimum of 5,700 yards.
    4. Girls 11-14 must have a minimum of 12 players field size minimum, playing at a minimum of 5,000 yards.

    Aditionally, the tournament operations must meet AJGA minimum standards, including:

    • Registration and Tee Time practices;
    • Pace of Play;
    • Code of Conduct;
    • Withdrawal policies utilized and enforced.

    The AJGA reserves the right to midify the above requirements as it deems necessary - PBE policy updated: January 2018

    SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup NOTE: 

    • The Top-5 Championship Boys & Girls (Minus those players that graduated high school) will be extended Exempt Status on the 2019 SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup
    • Additional eligibility requiremebt for SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup exemption: Top-5 Boys must have a season season Stroke Average of 78.0 or less; and Top-5 Girls must have a season Stroke Average of 80.0 or less
    • All exemptions are subject to SCPGA approval

    Results, Tournament Points Distribution & Awards

    Tournament scores are posted immediately onto the website and the recap and points are normally posted within 48-hours of event completion. Player of the Year Points for each event are posted in the entry detail.

    Player of the Year Points are available for each tournament no matter the number of rounds or days that it takes to complete.

    The VCJGA believes that the reward for playing in tournaments include, experience, courage, perseverance, etc.  Only top finishers are Awarded a trophy or medal based upon division entry size:
    • 1st Place    (Must have at least 2 competitors)                                
    • 2nd Place   (Division must have 6 player minimum)          
    • 3rd Place   (Division must have 12 player minimum)
    • 4th Place   (Division must have 24 player minimum)
    • 5th Place   (Division must have 40 player minimum)
    Ties for first place only are decided by a Playoff.  If a playoff cannot be reasonably accomplished, a chip-off or cardoff will decide the winner.  MiniTour playoff will be a chip-off.


    We need all scores posted and approved prior to handing out awards.  If you leave the tournament site before knowing the complete results and/or fail to communicate with the Tournament Staff that you need to leave or can't wait for the presentation, you will FORFEIT THE AWARD.  Not communicating your inability to stay for the presentation will be viewed as a breach of sportsmanship and may be subject to suspention.  You will retain your finish and points.

    The VCJGA makes every effort to conduct all tournaments by the 2016/2017 USGA Rules of Golf.



    We have two types of Volunteers:

    • Tournament Volunteers
    • Tournament Committee Volunteers

    Before each tournament we send an e-mail requesting tournament Volunteers for a particular tournament.  All you need to do is respond.

    The Tournament Committee Volunteer takes a BIG commitment to training and involvement.  To get involved, please contact, Mark Wipf directly for a meeting, gain an invitation to begin, and to set a plan.  You will need to be prepared to:

    1. Attend a one-day SCGA Rules of Golf Workshop
    2. Attend a two-day PGA/USGA Rules of Golf Workshop
    3. Attend meetings and work tournaments.




    The North/South Cup is a Ryder Cup style event played on a weekend each January. 

    The VCJGA VS. FCG (Future Champions Golf) of San Diego.  The VCJGA hosts in even numbered years and FCG hosts in odd numbered years.  This is a great opportunity to represent the VCJGA in a team atmosphere.

    12 person team will be comprised by 8 Championship Boys AND 4 Championship Girls will earn spots to represent the VCJGA. 

    To make the team, you must:

    1. Be a current member in good standing of the VCJGA.
    2. Play in Championship Boys or Girls divisions AND attend High School (grades 9-12).
    3. Competed in a VCJGA tournament.
    4. The current Championship Boy or Girl Player of the Year.  If that person has graduated high school, the current POY points leader from September through December (2-day events only) will earn a spot on the team.
    5. Top five (5) Boys and top two (2) Girls earn spots based upon Scoring Average from January through December 2016.
    6. Two (2) boys AND one (1) girl that are current members may selected via Captain's pick with no limitations beyond VCJGA Membership.

    The VCJGA Board of Directors reserves the right to make changes to Team Selection at any time.

    The VCJGA is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization Established in 1967