Ventura County Junior Golf Association

 Code of Conduct & Character

The VCJGA is very thankful for the involvement of players, parents, volunteers and the host facilities. Playing golf is a great privilege and the VCJGA has established rules and guidelines for both its participants and their families. We firmly believe that with privilege comes responsibility.  It is required of all participants to adhere to The VCJGA Code of Conduct & Character while participating in any VCJGA event:
1. Regarding Attire: When you arrive at the golf course you are expected not only to act like a golfer, but to look like one as well.

• Dress to impress - Traditional golf attire is always best.  Your appearance during the practice round and competition should be in keeping with the following: tank tops, tee-shirts, short shorts, denim shorts, and jeans are not acceptable; 

• During play, collared shirts or mocks must be worn and tucked in at all times. Girls may wear sleeveless golf shirts.  Traditional golf footwear must be worn at all times - Metal/ceramic spikes are prohibited;


• If a hat, cap or visor is worn, it shall be displayed in the proper manner and should be removed while indoors when insid of the host clubhouse facility;
• Earrings, visible piercing are prohibited on male participants.  Visible tatoos are prohibited.
2. Regarding alcohol, tobacco and drugs: The use of any of these substances on or off the golf course will be considered a violation of the VCJGA Code of Conduct & Character leading to disqualification of/or suspension from the VCJGA golf tournament or tournaments at the VCJGA's absolute discretion.  This includes parents/guardians that are spectating and/or volunteering at the tournament site.
3. Regarding etiquette and course behavior: Any breach deemed to be serious by the VCJGA may result in disqualification under Rule 33-7 and/or suspended from play under VCJGA Tour Policy.
A serious breach may include but is not limited to the following:
• Abusive, obscene/vulgar inappropriate language or comments or motions. Disturbing others - throwing of clubs, conduct unbecoming (cheating) or inappropriate actions/etiquette;
• Disrespect shown to VCJGA Rules Officials, volunteers, course officials, or golf/facility staff.  Whether a good or bad round of golf has been played, It is in poor taste to whine or complain about about it in public.
• Notification of a VCJGA official is REQUIRED prior to leaving the golf course during a competitive round when withdrawing for any reason including medical.  A No Show by a player may cause disciplinary action up to and including suspension;
• Mistreatment of the golf course and facilities in any way will be considered a violation of the VCJGA Code of Conduct & Character. 
4. Regarding-off course behavior: Violation may bring a letter of warning to parents and player, a suspension from the tournament where the violation occurred, and/or suspension from future events and/or suspension as a VCJGA player altogether.
• Any use of abusive language;
• The use of/or association with drugs, alcohol, smoking, or chewing tobacco products;
• Vandalism of any kind at the host hotel or golf facility.  Disrespectful treatment of the host facility or property;
• Or any other conduct not becoming of a VCJGA member will be considered a violation of the VCJGA Code of Conduct.
5. Regarding International players: Whether English is your first language or NOT, you will be required to speak English during all tournament rounds. The tournament round is not complete until the scorecard has been signed and accepted.

A flagrant violation at the tournament and/or site may result in immediate disqualification or suspension without benefit of review. The VCJGA may assess disqualification and/or suspension based on violations of one or more of the above depending on the seriousness of the violation.

If disqualification and/or suspension is necessary, the player, his/her parents, and the VCJGA tournament staff will be advised to submit a written account of the circumstances and violation(s) in question to the VCJGA Executive Committee within 24-hours of the notice of disqualification and/or suspension. After review, the possible disqualification and/or length of the suspension will be decided.
The VCJGA knows that you, as a player, know that golf is a game of integrity. By signing this Code of Conduct & Character, you are indicating your desire to keep the game of golf a great game, and to abide by and accept this Code of Conduct & Character and the VCJGA Tour's enforcement of this Code of Conduct & Character.
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Release Signatures
The signatures below indicate an agreement to abide by all tournament regulations and the VCJGA Code of Conduct & Character and with the understanding that tournament entry fee deposits are non-refundable. Tournament players and their parents/guardians release the host facility and The VCJGA from any liability relating to the player's participation in a VCJGA event. In case of medical emergency at a VCJGA event, the tournament participant and parent/guardian signed below authorize any and all appropriate treatments as determined by qualified and licensed medical personnel.
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Sign and return to VCJGA to be cleared for play.

MAIL TO:  VCJGA  -  Post Office Box 4668  -  Ventura, CA  93007-4668

The VCJGA is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization Since 1967