Ventura County Junior Golf Association


2017/2018 SEASON

September 2017 through August 2018


The VCJGA is a certified 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization.  VCJGA Membership is a great way to support local junior golf; and an organization that has been providing quality and affordable golf tournaments since 1967.  Our focus is to provide a junior golfer a local quality tournament environment to play competitive golf while preparing them to play golf high school, state and national level tournaments.  Please CAREFULLY review the MEMBERSHIP information below...



Registration for 2017/2018 SEASON

will open in mid-August

SIBLINGS of a VCJGA Member $149

$30 will be refunded to Siblings after registration has been processed/paid.

Must be same last name and same household.

The VCJGA Conducts a minimum of 12 tournaments each season governed by the USGA Rules of Golf.

* Each tournament "Season" runs from September to August - The Membership Fee will not be prorated *

Mini Tour Membership is $79.

Register for membership at the $179 rate; and $100 will be refunded after registration has been processed/paid (Sibling Discount does not apply to MiniTour fee).


  • MiniTour:  Boys 8-11; and Girls 8-11
  • JuniorTour:  Boys 11-14; and Girls 11-14
  • Championship Boys; and Championship Girls (High School)

All Divisions are played at gross score (no handicaps or caddies/assistance), played from age appropriate tee markers.



Playing Tournament Golf is NOT the place to learn-to-play on the course for the first time.  Tournament Golf should follow the learning to swing; then playing a number of recreational rounds.  Building confidence is the key factor to building a successful Tournament Golf experience.

The Age Cutoff Date is May 31st

If your birthdate is before this date, you will need to change to the next age group on your birthday.  If your birthdate is after this date, you are eligible to complete the remainder of the season in your current division.


  • $70 Discount for each tournament that you register to play    See Below for MiniTour INFO
  • Player of the Year Points Participation
  • Website Statistics


If you reside in Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, or Los Angeles COUNTIES, you must be a member of the VCJGA to compete.


VCJGA Membership Swag Bag ($59 Value) is given to each member at the first tournament played and includes:  TBD

* = Bag Tag is only given to first time members.  A replacement Bag Tag may be purchased for $10

PLEASE navigate our website (especially the Membership tab) as many of your questions can be answered by doing so.

If you need assistance or have a question, please contact: or call at 805-207-GOLF (4653)




Rules of Golf, Pace of Play, Etiquette; and Code of Conduct & Character (including Spectator Code of Conduct Policy) will be carefully monitored.

Post image for COMMENTARY 801.4: Moral Courage – The Engine of Integrity

The AJGA awarded over 70 PBE Stars to VCJGA Tournaments last season!

Please visit:  -  The AJGA is the best place to learn about PBE.  AJGA awards PBE to the VCJGA based upon the field size that starts play in a given division.  No golf organization is permitted to use their logo unless the tournament has been granted Guarnateed status.

If one of our tournaments does have enough players start in a division, the AJGA may still award PBE to that tournament once results have been announced.

The Top-5 season point winnersat the end of our 2016/2017 Season in the Championship Boys and Championship Girls divisions earn 2018 SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup exempt status the following January to December.







Championship Boys & Girls

TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE:  Events listed on the schedule with the title in all CAPITAL letters.

The VCJGA Tour is the VCJGA's most advanced tour for players that are age 15+; and in high school:

VCJGA Tour players are consistently capable of breaking 95 and have a demonstrated playing ability such as being a member of their high school golf team or other tour/tournament experience.

  • Scoring Ability- Target Score - Consistently break 100 for 18-holes Boys play - 6,300-7,100 yards; Girls play 5,500-6,000 yards;
  • Self Motivated/Desire/Ambition to Play - As an individual you must regularly practice and play on the course between tournaments with a goal of improving your golf ability (and mental attitude) each day;
  • Pace of Play - Able to successfully navigate/walk (manual hand carts OK) any course without assistance while maintaining VCJGA Pace of Play Policy;
  • Rules of Golf - Willingness to understand, memorize and apply basic rules of golf concepts with assistance from VCJGA Rules Officials;
  • Etiquette - Display proper golf etiquette and consideration to fellow competitors at all times;
  • Attitude/Conduct Unbecoming - Ability to not act out frustration or anger.  A big part of golf is staying in control of your emotions!
  • Parents/Spectators - Need to understand and carefully follow the VCJGA Spectator Code of Conduct Policy.  Inability to adhere to this important policy will cause suspension from spectating at any VCJGA tournament.

The VCJGA will OVER prepare you for High School Golf and help you advance to College Golf!



  VCJGA Tour

All 36-Hole tournaments are nationally ranked by:

The VCJGA has provisional status for ANY Tournament that:

  1. A minimum of 36-Holes; and
  2. A field size of 40 Boys and/or 12 Girls in the field will earn the champion four (4) Stars.  If we have 55 Boys and/or 18 Girls the top 5% of the field will earn a star
* = Subject to AJGA PBE Guidelines




presented by

Match Play is a unique opportunity to play golfs purest format.  Because it is not a stroke play tournament, it cannot be ranked.





TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE:  Events listed on the schedule with the word "MiniTour" in the title.

Although this is an entry level tournament tour, to better prepare your Junior Golfer, Boys & Girls ages 8-11 must have some playing experience on course (Six 9-hole rounds is recommended) before registering to play tournament golf.

PARENTS - Please review the "Parents" tab located on the VCJGA Home page to understand our expectations.

MiniTour Divsions:

  • Boys 8-11
  • Girls 8-11


Tournaments are 9-Holes on Sunday afternoons.  The final two (2) tournaments of the season (July & August) are one day, 18-Hole Championships on shorter courses.

Golf is as much about building confidence as it is about improving skill:

  • MiniTour players should be capable of breaking 65 for 9-holes from Forward Tee Markers;
  • MiniTour players should have a desire to improve and regularly practice and play between tournaments;
  • NO CADDIES - MiniTour players should be able to successfully navigate/walk the course with minimal direction given (hand carts OK);
  • MiniTour players should be able to control their emotions when things don't go as planned;
  • MiniTour players should have a willingness to understand and apply basic rules of golf and display golf etiquette at all times;
  • MiniTour players must maintain a proper Pace of Play.

The VCJGA conducts 12 events each season governed by the USGA Rules of Golf.

BOYS COURSE SET-UP - 9-holes played at approximately 2,500 yards - Two (2) 18-hole events at the end of each season played at @ 5,000 yards

GIRLS COURSE SET-UP - 9-holes played at approximately 2,500 yards - Two (2) 18-hole tournaments at the end of each season played at @ 4,500 yards

Begin by finding the 2016/2017 Player's Club box (located near the top left of the Home Page - see sample above).

  1. Complete the on-line application; and pay the membership fee online (Site is secure - No one will ever see your credit card number).
  2. Go to Membership Tab > Code of Conduct & Character > Print. Read carefully, sign, date (parent/guardian and junior golfer) and return to VCJGA to be cleared for tournament play.  Additionally, before playing in any tournament, it is your responsibility that you read and understand the VCJGA Tour Policy also located under the Membership Tab.
  3. Check your e-mail. You should receive an e-mail Registration Acknowledgement from: (first timers sometimes need to check spam or junk mail folder). This will include your ID/PW to enter the site in the future and to sign-up for events.  Remember that we are web-based organization; and it is imperative that you check your e-mail regularly.
  4. USGA Rules of Golf - It is very important that all golfers have general rules knowledge of the game they play.  It is vitally important to understand basic procedures in order to avoid a disqualfication penalty.  VCJGA will hold several seminars called Golf 101.  This seminar will last approximately 2-hours and cover the basics of:
  • USGA Rules of Golf;
  • VCJGA Tour Policy;
  • Tournament Golf & Etiquette basics

The VCJGA may require players to attend this seminar held in the Fall, Winter & Spring months. 

If you need additional explanation or assistance e-mail: 

or call (805) 207-GOLF (4653).

50th Anniversary - The VCJGA is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization Established in 1967