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Westlake Golf Course, Westlake Village

George Gankas

Tierra Rejada Golf Club, Moorpark

Roger Gunn

Moorpark Golf Complex, Moorpark

Paul Holtby

Saticoy Country Club, Somis

Jeff Jones

Camarillo Springs Golf Club, Camarillo

Jacob Lusk

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Westlake Golf Course, Westlake Village

Chris Lehmann-Vatcher

VCJGA Alumni

Westlake Golf Course, Westlake Village

Ted Lehmann

(818) 889-0770 Ext. 241

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Rustic Canyon Golf Course, Moorpark

Dan Martin


River Ridge Golf Club, Oxnard

Lee Martin

(805) 377-9629

Glen Annie Golf Club, Goleta

Marc Minier

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The Studio at Twin Lakes, Goleta/S.B.

Don Parsons

The Bunker, Ventura

Brett Silvernail

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Sports Psychology - Fitness - Nutrition



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To work with Dr. Rick Sessinghaus,

contact him directly:  or

(818) 517-9593


Golf: The Ultimate Mind Game



To work with Dr. Joe Parent in Ojai,

contact him directly:  or

(805) 640-1046






Zack Ray, DPT

  • Physical Therapy
  • Sports Recovery
  • Cryotherapy
  • Sports Preformance

Performance Foods

1. Cool water prevents dehydration, a condition that can cause a loss of focus and strength anc can meke you heeart race. Cool water also helps regulateyour core temperature to prevent fatigue.

2. Nuts (walnuts, almonds & pecans) provide energy & help combat inflammation. Lightly salted nuts can help prevent muscle cramps.

3. Raw fruit (bananas, oranges & apples) not only boost energy, their high-water content helps keep your muscles functioning properly. Loaded with vitamins & minerals, they also can control mood swings.

4. Natural beef, chicken or turkey jerky. A steady supply of lean protein keeps you going at peak levels. It also protects you from tissue damage casued by making a lot of swings.

5. Peanut butter.  It's a great source of protein & healty (monounsaturated or polyunsaturated) fat, which helps control inflammation, improve brain function; and supply energy after you burn off carbohydrates. Tryit on a piece of apple or celery

6. Sunflower seeds. They provide non-animal protein, fat & potassium.  They're also rich in antioxidants, which help protect your cells from disease.

- Nutrition Experts:

Amanda Carlson-Phillips & Robert Lang